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Did some training out there, but pulled many hours of gate guard there when I was in the Unit Police in '88. I know it was outside Amberg near the German's Schweppermann Kaserne. It is still there--I looked when I visited in '06. I remember being told it was an old Hawk Missle site. Does anyone have any memories of this place?

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John I do remember you. I retired at Ft Stewart as tHe 2-4 Cav CSM in 1992. I was the S-3 NCO who managed the LTA's and Ordered the Dummy Rounds for the Round Identification Station. That round was an actual TPT Round that the Support Platoon Leader, LT Haney, mistakenly ordered. The Round was Fired at the 3 Tank Platoon display for the TCQC. It went through the Hawk missle site fence. Put them on alert. There Commo to USAEUR was quicker than Ours was to Regiment. I came out unscathed but Lt Haney was crucified.
Hey Jean, always good to get the rest of the story. Amazing how some of the facts fade with time. I spent a ton of time int he LTA--TCPC, TCGST, Platoon ARTEP's. We got a lot of use out of that little piece of ground. Hope all is going well for you. Did you retire in the Savannah area?
Yeah, I am here in Savannah. I worked from 1992 to 2000 Training the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Then Kuwait training US Scout Platoons then Back to Saudi Arabia as Chief of Exercises at the Armor Institute 2002 to 2004. Then as The Director of Training in a Jordanian Company standing up the Iraqi Armed Forces. I developed all the Training packages that went with the Equipement the Company was providing. In 2007 I retired for good. Both my Children stayed in Savannah as well and Now I have a Grandchild here.

Also I was wrong, it was not TCQC it was TCGST we were conducting in the LTA
You have been busy. In the 10 years since I retired, I've been in the private sector as an IT project manager and privacy consultant with a small company in Duluth GA just north of Atlanta. Thought about the defense consulting firms and had some offers, but this company always beat the offers. I still have a few years till I can retire for good. The years I spent in the Regiment were the best years of my career. I work with a former 3 ID CSM, so at least I have somebody who will listen to my war stories every now and then. I have two sons, one stayed here in the Atlanta area the other lives in Colorado Springs. No grandchildern yet.
Great, My wife and I go to Duluth about 3 Times a year to the Korean Super markets. I go to the 4 Story Driving Range on Sattelite Blvd they just opened last year. We stay in the Holiday Inn Express over on Shackleford Road. I'll let you know next time we go up. I drive up stay over night and drive back. We have been married 43 years, she loved Amberg, thats why we stayed for 5 years.
Sounds great. Look forward to getting together and telling some tales.
Jean, you did a pretty good job of dodging bullets didn't you?
it was a hawk missle battery d battery when i was there in 78 -85
Wow - It is good to hear from guyz from 3/2 Pond Barracks in Amberg who served so late.
How was the Cafe Roma then?
Cafe Roma was the Last Stop on many Thunder Runs.
Roma was our starting point for the night,we'd meet our girlfriends and head down town.or to Vilsek and the Happy Rock! Courdon Blue mit pommes fritz dunkel weizens,or a salami pizza! AWSOME!!!
The LTA!! ha ha, I remember it well,training was fun cause it was small like a race track for our APCs.Sgt Smith used to threaten to march us out there to did foxholes for X-tra duty if we pissed him off..Had a lot of fun out there for sure! I had to walk back from there once cause I Pissed off the XO for some reason,seemed like a million miles to town with a full ruck..LOL





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