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Do you still have your Dog Tags, when did you receive them, and where are they now???

Still have one my dog tags left, it is on my key chain and have never lost a set, because of the sound that they make when they hit the ground (except in the sand, which is where I lost the first one). 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment since 1972.

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I still have one of my dog tags ,in the plastic (rubber )sleeve,right by my computer in a mug.The other one might be in the basement.Must be from reception center, Fort Dix  March of 1969.

Still got'em.  They're stuck inside my shadow box hanging off of a rowel. 

I still have mine, Ran across them in a box of stuff, in one of the closets a month or so ago.

I no longer have my dog tags, last time I had them was before we took an EFP hit to the Stryker, also had my wedding band on them at the time. I have asked around but no luck on locating them. I have pretty much written them off as a loss at this point.

 I still have mine, the one is still in the rubber to keep them from making noise, short chain and the long chain, original issue, and I still have my P38 can opener on them also, they are hanging up on my bookshelf. I was issued them in Feb. of 1978 at Fort Knox, C-4-1 cycle. Does anyone know if they still put your social security number on them?

Still have mine, hanging in the closet on my tie rack (like I ever wear a tie...LOL...OK, perhaps with my kilt)...P38 is long gone, as is the rubber sleeve. But I still managed to hang on to the tags.

After posting here, this morning, I went and dug them out. Got both with chains and clear [age yellowed] covers.

Since these have my "RA" Number on them, I suppose that they are the originals, issued to me at Ft Jackson, SC in Oct 65, B-4-1. If they ever issued me a set with the SSN# on them, then I have no idea where that set is.

Have several P-38's around the house and on at least one key ring.

Mine are long gone but I had another set made and carry one in my wallet for ID if I am ever burned.

Still carry a P38 on my key chain.

I still have my P38 from the first C-Rat in basic. I carried it on my key chain until the hole was so worn I worried it would wear through. It is now in a safe place. I wish I had the dog tags.

can't place where mine could be have been gonefor quite some time??? they would be great to have now to put in a shadow box for ........ might have to look up the great "Oz" maybe he knows where I have them!!!!! I seem to recall that my SSN# was on mine,which would be 71-73 era...

Just realized that I can still remember the RA 14 XXX XXX  on the dog tags....after all these many years

I know I haven't had mine as long as you fellas have but I still have them, in the clear rubber covers. My wife keeps them at her desk.





This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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