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.....Trooper Jim Letton, probably our most senior member to date. Jim was with the regiment during WW II and the Constabulary days. He's managed to fight his way across Europe and through the jungle of todays technology to be with us today, March 28, 2009, for the 2nd every few weeks or so 'DRINK A BIER WITH TACOMA DAVE DAY'. Let's give Jim a warm welcome, and a hearty toast to one fine trooper.


This is Jim with the rest of our regiments WW II veterans who attended the 2006 2d Cavalry Association reunion. Later four of these gentlemen placed this wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns during a special ceremony.

Left to right: Russ Luppo, C/42; Roy Aldy; Boyd Crawford, C/2; Roy Bertram, B/2; Wendell Young, B/2; Martin Flaherty, H&S/42; Ernie Hawn, F/2; Larry Fransted, H&S/42; Jim Letton, Jr., H&S/42.

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Welcome Jim and all of you few WWII guy us we have with us left today. You are part of our nations greatest generation and your dedication of duty emulated by many of us ever since. We would probably be writing in German or Japanese online if it were not for you guys!

Toujours pret!
Hello guys! You look like a rowdy bunch, hehehe... Nice to see you here and thank you very much for your service to the United States of America!
My Dad worked in Kronach/Coburg, where Mom Defected; in the late 70's ThereI Was!!
Roy Aldy just joined today 4-26-09, posted here as to bring this discussion back to the top of the forum.
Wow! A fine bunch of old soldiers! you know..The debt that we owe you guys, as a generation and as soldiers...well, we can't repay it. We can however uphold your fine traditions and the best thing, In my mind, that we can do for you...is remember you. Remember your deeds and your names and your faces...and mostly Remember the cost of our freedom. These days, that's becoming a scarce thing to have.
Dear Mr. Letton,

Welcome. I am the son of a trooper/tanker. Dad passed away in 1994. He was also in the constabulary( Troop D (then Company D)51st Constabulary Squadron ) in Hanau and Landshut, Germany from 1946-1949. His name was Edward J. Stuczko from Worcester, MA. Maybe you knew him?
Many thanks to you and your comrades for the service you gave our country- also, very willing and able to hoist some biers every few weeks for Tacoma Dave Day.

Proud son,

Lawrence "Larry" Franstead, pictured second from the right next to his friend and troop mate Jim Letton, has passed away. Please take a moment to remember him.
Toujours Pret!
Welcome to Jim and all the vets who stood against the forces of the Axis. I want to thank you on behalf of myself, wife, kids, and extended family.
HOOAH!! I feel as if you Troopers should be welcoming me into your Regiment! Glad to see "B" troop well represented. Visit with us and share your stories ... I guarantee that we can learn a lot from ya'll!

Dan A Currie, Jr. '72-'74
Where I work I get the privlage of hearing from you brave men and women.Thx, You are truley the greatest Generation !

I thank all of you men for your service and paving the way for everyone who served in the 2nd Cav!

great picture... its an honor to be in the company of you great men... thankyou for your service...                                             "Toujours Pret"





This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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