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K troop was a big part of my life.   I was 18 when I arrived.   My first day was interesting as you can tell, but the comradery and the life long companions are not triffle.    Fred Synder and I took a patroll from Wisconsin to West Virginia a couple of summers ago and talked about K troop the whole time.

I went to Amberg and Camp Reed last year as my 30 year reunion.    Awesome.  Serving my country earning college money and hanging out in Nuremburg Munich Amberg and Rotz  were the best times ever.   

Documenting Knott and McCune and Sangsta was not my intention.   The first day at a new troop was.  

All of us that were in K troop understand how dysfunctional it really was,  From LT Rayknock, Cpt. Cruz

Cpl. Weese, SGT Oney Big Wheel and all the personalities that made K troop K troop were the best.

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Robert, do you remember Rob torrance or dan matthews? They pop in from time to time.

Well put- dysfunctional and influential.  Looking back, the place was a train wreck waiting to happen.  A glance at the MP blotter report or CDAC roster would confirm it, but always confounded by the gunnery scores.   That being said, being a kid a thousand miles from Mom & Dad for the first time has a way of influencing your life, for good or for ill.  Fortunately for you & I, we survived.  From the sounds of it, you made some good decisions along the way despite your early affiliations. K Trp, and 3/2 ACR in general, almost destroyed me, but I was fortunate to work for NCOs (Jean & Roger) and officers (Skip, Peter D. and Iron Mike) that actually cared and somehow kept me from going over the edge.  Whatta ride! We can compare notes at the next reunion...

When is the Next reunion.  Do you have any luck with K troopers showing  up?

Please advise

The next reunion is in 2017, date not set yet. The location is Williamsburg, Virginia.

And yes, Killer Troop has more representation than anyone! They have a great group that shows up for every reunion.





This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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