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This one time...in Germany...I was mistaken for a Red Army Faction Terrorist

The situation in Schwabach, home of O'Brian Barracks, 1st Squadron, 1st Cav and 2nd/59th ADA in the winter of 1984 was this. The RAF (Baader-Mainhof Gang) had been operating in the area. They had conducted a Sniper attack on a Nuclear Weapons facility near Nuremberg and planted a bomb at The NATO School. They also planted incendiary devices in several barracks which were all found and diffused. one of the female terrorists had been spotted at one of our Mike's Pizza places right across the street from the MP station at the front gate, concrete barriers had been put up at the front gate to drive around. 

We had just come back from the Border in December, Terrorist Activity was "Red", and I had met my future ex-wife at Mom's, our Cav. Bar that was owned by a friend of hers in Hilpoltstein near Roth. She worked and also had to be back in Hilpoltstein at a certain time. We were only back for recovery before rolling out again. So after work she would drive to Schwabach and we would park in her car in front of the Kaserne. We did that four nights in a row.

Fifth night, and the night before we were railheading to Pittman, we decided to go to Mom's. So we drove over to Mom's, she had a new little red Ford Fiesta. As soon as we stopped, crazy stuff happened. 

We were completely surrounded with guys with Submachine Guns and Pistols. On my side (Passenger side) there were two guys with submachine guns and one with a pistol all pointed at my head and yelling in German at the top of their lungs. My window was still rolled up, my then girlfriends window was down and she had a Pistol pointed at her head. I am yelling "What do they want" and "What are the saying". They are all yelling. I am yelling. Girlfriend is yelling. We were all yelling. 

 Then she says (Yelling) THEY THINK WE ARE TERRORISTS. I quickly roll down my window and start trying to explain I am not a Terrorist, I'm a soldier and the guys on the drivers side calmed down and my girlfriend explained to them we are not terrorists, and had to explain what we were doing parked in front of the Kaserne all that time. 

There were at least twenty armed men surrounding that car. And they literally came out of nowhere, because when we pulled up there was not a soul on the street. And all of a sudden they were "Just there". They were also all in civilian clothes except the last guy we talked to who came up to the car to take our identification. 

After everything calmed down I noticed quickly that several of the guys who had been in front of the car with sub-machine guns and a couple of the guys who had been standing behind the Germans who were yelling into the car, were obviously Americans. My best guess is they were either CID or some of the SOF guys out of Bad Tolz, whoever they were they were obviously conducting joint anti-terrorist something with the Germans. 

One of the "Obvious" Americans, who was the only one not armed, walked up and said not to park in front of any more Kaserne's or other military installations. That the MP's had seen us as soon as we pulled up and notified the Germans who had us under surveillance the entire time we were parked there, every night. They had even followed my future ex-wife home to Hilpoltstein. 


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This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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