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As for me lived in Munchberg Germany after the Rock up until 1997.  Then we moved back here to the USA in the state of OHIO.  I work part time as a Fire Arms Salesman, for the sporting goods store The Sportsmans Den in Shelby Ohio 44875.  Our web site there is sportsmansden-dot-com.  I also do gunsmithing full time at home.  We live in a little town called Plymouth, Ohio 44865, phone is 419-989-6941. Call or stop in one time if you are in the area.  Take Care and Happy Thankgiving and God Bless Our Troops.

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Hello my fellow Ohio resident. If you hop on 30and head west, I'm at the Ada exit.

I ETS'd out of Germany and joined my local Army Reserve. I was officially an 81B, Unit Draftsman, but I worked in the Armory, ran the NBC cage, worked with the Commo guys and in Supply. Unit was 983rd Engineer Battalion, Combat Heavy. We built roads, bridges, runways and repaired same. I served 6 yrs there and my wife told me I was done after the first Gulf War went down. Our unit was on standy the whole time, bags packed. It was way to fast to need us tho!

I live a quiet life driving forklift in a crossdock for Proctor & Gamble and enjoy my family.

Left 2 nd Cav in June of 1964. Deros to Ft. Meade with the 11th Cav. Remained ther until my discharge in Feb 1965.

Returned to Okla. and worked a various jobs for a little while. Did 2 yrs with my brother in the 95th Division ( reserves) In 1981 I joined the Okla. air National Guard for a 4 yr. stint.

Met my wife and married her in Dec 1966. Have two daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Went to work on the Midwest City Police Dept. on April 1st 1968. Retired from there on April 1 1988. I then went to the U.S. Federal Court House and worked there for 19 yrs. as security for the courts. Retired from there August 7 th 2009'

I am completely retired. We bought a new home in Newalla, Okla.( approx: 20 miles East of Okla. City.) About all I  do anymore is yard work and a lot of fishing, since I bought myself a boat. Next year the fishing trips should get me out of a lot of yard work chores.  LOL.

My time at the Rock was an important point in my youth. I look back on it with fond memories. Time has erased a lot of the guys names from my memory, but I still know some by photos. So keep them coming for the rest to enjoy.

Remember....IF YOU AINT 2 CAV, YOU AIN'T S***T.  !!!!

After DEROS in 86, went to Ft. Stewart, then was part of a COHORT of M1s to Korea from 90-91.  After Korea, went back to the Rock, but in A Trp this time.  Since the Regiment was being deactivated, I worked in the Housing Office until just before they closed the Rock in 92.  Went from the Rock to Vilseck and basically stayed there, in the same tank company, C Co. 1/37 AR, which changed to 1/63 AR, from 92-97.  Worked as the OPS SGT in the -2 & -3 shops for 3 years.  Was 1SG in B co. 1/63 for 2 years, then was HHC 3 BDE 1SG for 1/2 years after that.  I finally retired in 05 and worked as a DAC, still in the Graf/Vilseck community. 


Got remarried in 06 and moved with the new family in 07 to Denmark.  Currently working in the Security industry.


I'm looking forward to talking with all of you guys again, I've seen quite a few fotos that brought back some great memories, especially the fotos from our tank going over the Bindlacher burg and finally landing on a car.  Pretty dam  scarry at the time, but funny as hell now!!


Take care and support our troops.

Sgt Lowe! Hello and welcome to Dragoon Base. It's good to see someone else here I served with. I was in 2nd platoon, so I'll let it slide if you don't remember me. heh You've just fallen in with a good bunch of folks.

  I enjoyed my time at the Rock.  There was always something going on.  Mar 75 thru Mar 78.

 Next  I transfered to Ft Hood and didn't like it and completed my enlistment in Nov 78.

  A factory job in houston,got  homesick., Went to LA Calif, truck driver. Lots of girlfriends here and there.

  College, got a degree in electrical engineering.  Working at NAVFAC, Texas.  Design all kinds of

  stuff and watch it get built. Life is good.



After coming back to the world lol  on St Patricks day of 82 I joined the Reserves the 77 Arcom in Queens NY worked in a factory for a bit then joined NYPD in Jan of 85 stayed with the reseves till 93.

Retired from NYPD in Jan 2005 I work part time at Orange County Community College and am a member of American Legion post 488 in Monroe NY I also am a member of the Patriot Guard Rider Group and several other organizations .

I'm married 25 years this month and have 3 great boys one is a dispatcher with the local police dept one is a full time teacher in Mass and my youngest is in college.

I'm glad that I found this site I've found a few brothers from my 1/2 ACR days here keep up the good work Dave

Left the rock in the summer of 1983. 4 years there. It left its mark on me. That time made me the man I am. Toolmaker , Father of 4. I still dream about it. We were the most combat ready Armour group in the US Army. Guess thats why they spear headed the Desert storm war. Many good memories and alot of stress. The men I served with were crazy, but , honorable and very hard working. Yea if I had to do all over again. I would.

                                                                    Toujors Pret


I left the Rock in June of '85 and found myself driving an M577 for S-2 HHC 3/67 Armor 1st Brigade 2nd AD.  That was fun for awhile, but when I still didn't get E-5 I managed to get into the warrant office flight program and transfered to Ft. Rucker in the spring of '88.  Ater taking a good look and the nonsense involved I decided not to do the WOC thing, so I resigned the program before I started and waited to get transfered to a tank unit somewhere.  I ended up waiting over a year, keeping busy by making signs in the DEH sign shop.  I met a lovely little SP4 in a computer class and married her.  Since her dad is a retired Sargent Major I guess I can say I married the Sargent Major's daughter.  Finally got orders for the 11th ACR when I had only about 11 months left on my enlistment, so I declined the tour and got out.  I tried 1 year in the Alabama NG, again driving an M577 only this time for S-3.  We were on the waiting list for Desert Storm but never went anywhere.  I worked as an auto mechanic at a local shop which then moved to Illinois and we went with it.  That didn't end up working too well, so we moved to Kansas City.  After working for NAPA for awhile I took some training and ended up doing computer GIS work for the Kansas City Water Dept.  Still happily married, no kids, but about a zillion cats.


Who would have ever belived anyone would miss the Rock.




This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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