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I remember getting to the Regiment, 3rd Squadron, Troop K, very well. I left Christmas leave in 1974 after being at Fort Benning with the 197th Inf Bde for 16 or 17 months. I get to Germany in early January 1975 and spend the first couple of days going through the replacement process. Getting to Amberg was by bus and when I get there nobody and I mean nobody is there. I checking in at Squadron Headquarters and then was sent over to S-4 to get TA-50. After that I was told to go to the transient barracks, hit the rack and be at the flag pole by 0700 after chow for a duce and a half ride to Graf where I would meet up with my unit, Troop K. I asked where or what Graf was and was told you’ll find out with a laugh. Everyone should know the rest of the story.

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I remember my first day in k-troop, Jan 87. It was a blizzard outside, just typical for Amberg at that time of year. I drug my stuff over from inproccessing and was trying to get it all arranged. It was night, and a funny thing happened. A barracks thief helped himself to my stuff. I never did get my camera back. I turned around and my stuff had been pilfered.

But, after I had been there a while, the guys accepted me and I didnt have any more problems. New guys had to proove themselves in those days. K-troop was a tough show back in the day.
There was a lot of drinking going on then, whew! Loud music...partying, wierd attires, it was pretty wild. And then we all started going out to Melodys discotech. That was a lot of fun.
Overall, the guys of K-troop were a great bunch of guys, and my friends. They could always be counted on as true blue friends and buddies. I think a lot of them these days. The unofficial troop motto in those years (mid 80s) was "Suffa"! Hopkins and McBride might remember how that came to be. Ive heard the story but cant remember it very well. I think it might have been a phrase from a former top? Anyway, it stuck, and "Suffa" became the troop motto for a while.
First day in K Troop for me was December of 75 arrived from Nuremberg in a van pool with other troopers, I immediately went to K Troops barracks which was a run down building, it was the very first building on the right as you drive in to the post. I noticed that they were remodeling the other buildings on post. Got processed in the next couple days then our Troop went to the border, half to Camp May and half to Camp Rotz, I went to Camp Rotz, stayed there a long time, probably because of the remodeling. We came back and stayed in some tents while they were finishing up our building, another long time in there. Finally our building was completed and we shared it with M company. What an experience.....
I don't remember much about arriving in Frankfurt or the trip to the Amberg. It was early February 1978, K trp was on the border, I was a wide-eyed, slick sleeve PVT. I was led around by a Cpl. who had recently been busted from E-6! Greg -something- Thomas maybe. Anyway, the first place he took me was to a quonset hut, some place called CIF. The next place he took me was Camp Rotz. After an hour drive past signs I couldn't read, we pulled up to the gate. Real soldiers with guns!! Oddly, they didn't seem to friendly execept when they realized that I was an extra body to pull guard. That night, though knee deep snow, I was led to a single story barracks, that reeked of cigarette smoke and drying boots. The vulgar sounds of bodily functions & card games marked the temporary home of the 3rd Platoon. The next stop was the "Scrounge". I'm sure that place had a 100 different names, but we knew it as the Scrounge. I don't remember much after that thanks to my new platoon mates who made sure I got more than little tipsy on my first night in the platoon. That was over 30 years ago, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
my first days were a blur of excietment being somewerenew but they soon mad me welcome with my ertrance to k trp & cpt cruse with the never ending run. this man was a nut when it came to allways ready! you would have thought we were grunts not tankers? i think the best time was bringing the first M-`1 tanks to amberg k trp had that honor and i drove the first tank in! we really thought we were something. ( and yes we were)
hey stan yes it was (suffa) this was started by the infamas cpt cruse 1980-1983 this man was a real nut case army ranger i got there in 1982 we would wear border tabs on our hats and when k tpp went to pt we wore red sweatshirts with the picture of a beat up army ranger and the word (suffa) in black. did you still wear them then i remember going to nurmburg in my camos and being stoped by a col and he wanted to know why this thing was on my hat? what do you man i said nothing else ever said but you can bet i was always ready! now you know the rest of the story. wish you could have been there 82-84 but not everyone was as lucky as me to have been a part of this time.when it came to the border may-reed we were some real pro scouts and really messed with the east germans in any way we could and you can bet we found all kinds.

hey kennedy, i remember you and perry,and sgt.simmons sh ammin in the motor pool everyday!!!!

I was there from 82-85 but not sure I remember you. I do remember Cpt Cruze and the runs. I rememeber the day about 20 of us fell out because we were tired of the runs. I was in 1st Plt but only remember a few names.

I was there that night. Several years later I was sitting through a range briefing at range control at Ft. Campbell Ky. and I realized I was sitting next to SFC Greg Thomas. He was a Drill Sgt with the 2/46 from Ft. Knox. I was a SFC OPS Sgt with a reserve unit and reconecting with him made me realize how small the Army was if you stayed around long enough. He was from Illinois and as far as I know he married a Amburg girl and returned after he retired. I would love to hear from him.
Coming to K-Troop was Prophetic for me. In fall of 81 I went to REFORGER with the 4th ID. The last couple of days of the trip, they asked if anyone would like to take a tour of the Border, I said yes. We ended up with 2/2 and had a nice visit on the Grenze (little did I know that this would be one of many for me). I was back in Colorado Springs for several months when I received PCS orders for across the pond. In March of '82' I arrived in Pond Barracks. After in-process they lead me over to K-Troop where I met Sgt Euribich, he said the Troop was in Graf and would be back in 3 days, and there was no sense in bringing me up to Graf with 3 days left, so I spent 3 days on mindless details. When they did get back I was standing in the hallway next to the CQ desk. I'll never forget this. I saw the first Trooper come through the door, covered with dust, grimmey and with a pissed off look on his face. He saw me and said FNG right? Well welcome to hell FNG. Three weeks later we were headed to Camp Reed and May. The rest is history and we all have the same story more or less. The next 21/2 years would be spent alternating between Border tours,Graf, Hohenfels, Battle stations etc...

I remember my first day in 3rd Squadron February 1973.  About six of us arrived in the middle of the night from Stuttgart on a chartered bus.  They didn't know what to do with us, so they put us all in a room on the first floor of K-Troop to get some sleep, telling us that someone would be around in the morning early to collect us and get us to our new units. 


We were all tired from being on the bus all day long, so we turned in shortly after arriving.  We knew nothing about where we were at, only that the squadron was responsible for a portion of the Czech border.  Hell, I though Amberg was on the border, and couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and look across into Czechoslovakia.


Anyway, we had all just gotten to sleep when we heard this really loud air raid siren screaming it’s alert.  We of course knew nothing at all about anything that was happening.  I looked out the window and all I saw were soldiers running in all directions getting dressed and loading up their combat gear.  Nobody was walking, guys had weapons and everybody was moving hard and fast.


All I could think was they waited till I got there to start a war.  Thinking that Czechoslovakia was not far away I expected to see T-34 and 62’s coming up the road to Pond Barracks.  I stopped someone running past our door in the hallway and asked the guy what was going on, and the smart ass said, “WAR brother, you better get in uniform and find your gun.”  Then he laughed and ran away? Turns out it was just a drill, one of many I would participate in over the next 3+ years.


That was my first few hours in K-Troop, and the beginning of an experience of a lifetime.

Late May, 1974, the train from Nurnburg arrived well after dark. Never saw anything of what the outside looked like. We were told that there would be someone at the bahnhof to meet us and take us to Pond Barracks. We stepped off the train, looked around, and then went down thru the tunnel under the tracks to come up in the bahnhof, still nobody. From somewhere we found a phone number and called it and again were told that our ride was coming. Must have waited an hour or two and we decided to take a taxi, remember those creme colored Benz's, some of them manual trannys? He let us out at the gate and once we cleared the gate we headed to the first building inside the gate we saw....that was I Troop. Someone from S-1 came down and took our orders back with him. Seemed like it took hours for him to get back to us.There were four of us, and I had gone to 11E AIT at Knox with one of them. Cant remember any of their names anymore. One went to I Troop, two to L troop and I was directed across the parade ground to K troop. The CQ, a Nam vet E5 SGT, showed me a room, got me some sheets and told me to crash there and he would make sure to get me up for Reveille. I dont remember much of the next day other then meeting Donnie Hawley and the guys I shared a room with. I can see their faces pretty plainly still but no names come to mind. All three of them were draftees with only a few months left at most. All in all a pretty cool bunch of guys and they quickly filled me in on all the bs and how the system worked.  Within a few weeks we went on a FTX right outside of town past the german panzer kaserene where a couple of years later I was to find my future brother-in-law (german national) was posted with the german army. The girl I met, married after getting out, and still married to, had a sister and he was dating her. Those german girls loved us men in uniform LOL. They were great times back then.

I remember comming to K trp from Nurenburg by bus in Sep.74.I had already been drunk in Frankfurt and Nurenburg and ready for Amberg LOL.I remember getting a bunk and then one of the Chad brothers took me out and gave me a tour of the base.I realy apprieciated this.Dave Reel took me under his wing and started me out on the wrong foot.Told me I didnt need to buy a beret they would issue me one.This worked for about a month then all hellbroke out in headquarters plt.By the end of the day I bought a nice new beret lol.I still had to pull KP on Thanksgiving but Sgt Brown gave me another day off.After that I got along pretty good.Loved spending time in the field.Us mechanics would set up camp and wait for you guys to tear somthing up.Lots of fun.




This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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