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Lest we forget, members of the Oldtimers group who have moved on to Fiddler's Green....

James F. Burgos; HHT-3/2ACR 1968-69; AZ 04/21/2013

Bruce Odom; RHHT-2ACR 1961-63; TX 11/26/2013

Robb Russell; HHT-3/2ACR 1977-79; FL 12/24/2013

Todd Melcher; H-2/2ACR 1974-76; CO 12/27/2013

Stephen "Steve-O" Bowen; G, E, H, E-2/2ACR 1978-81; NC 05/07/2014

Chris Krausse; M-3/2ACR 1977-80; FL 07/26/2014

Jesse Kelley; F-2/2ACR 1972-75; OR, 03/28/2015

Merritt H. Powell; B-70AFA and 1HOW-2ACR 1954-56; FL 05/10/2015

George W. Smith; HHT-3/2ACR 1969-71; WA 05/31/2015

David W. Poteete; L-3/2ACR 1975-79; FL 08/2015

John G. Boyd; I-3/2ACR 1969-72; NM 04/19/2017

Ric Perry; B-1/2ACR 1975-76; SC 05/14/2018

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As we did for James at the last reunion,it will only be fitting to toast these 7 gentleman at this year's reunion. Toujours pret.

I agree. I'll bring the list.

Thanks Carl!

Also, My former section officer,CPT. George Smith , HHT 69-71;  Wash. 5/31/2015.

Got it, Tom. Thanks.

I forgot to add David Poteete also. He passed away in August.

Chris Krausse also passed this summer he was in M company headquarters platoon.

Got it, Shannon. I tried to find an obit for closer date but couldn't find anything. Was he a Facebook friend of yours? His page has restricted info.


Chris Krausse  D.O.B. 4-7-60 HQ PLT M company 3/2 ACR 77 to 80

                          Passed on 7-26- 14 we just found out this summer.




This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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