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I am trying to remember the names of the troop ships I came over and back to Bremerhaven from Brooklyn. One was the USS Geiger but not sure which way.

We departed Dec 21st 1963 and it was a miserable but memorable trip. Storms all the way. I sat on deck on Christmas Eve sharing a bottle of rye with a buddy until it got too dangerous with a waves crashing across the ship. There was a poor merchant marine on the bow spotting for icebergs who we "warmed up". It was truly hell below decks with vomit everywhere for nine days. Coming back in June every one sunbathed on deck. 


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I went over with Joseph Finch on the USNS Buckner Feb 58 Operation Gyro, Joseph do you remember the storm when we got to the moutn of the English Channel. Came home March 60 on the USNS Rose !
I went over on the Upshur in Dec, '62. Came back home on the Patch in June, '65. Compared to the Upshur, the Patch was a luxury liner. There's also a discussion of troop ships on the Merrell Barracks Facebook page. Check it out.

About mid February '66, I boarded the USNS Gen. Rose at Pier 4, Brooklyn, NY.  Nine days later we docked in Bremerhaven, Germany. I was assigned duty in the Galley cleaning the Steam Kettles and mopping the floor. When the galley crew had a movie and ice cream night, we got invited too! The smoothest part of the trip was the English Channel. There was a group of us that played cards in the Day Room and we wore out a deck of cards in those 9 days :)

Once we docked at Bremerhaven, a Sgt handed me a folder of orders and records, and 7 other men to keep track of, then put us on a train. When we finally got off of that train, we were in Amberg. NO one there to meet us, No idea of where the base was and no one spoke German.

I was one month ahead of you. Same story without the Galley.  I Troop.

I went over in dec 1962 on the upshur it was  a merchant marine ship at that time an old retired navy ship. i pulled kp all the way. 4hrs  1 day 8 hrs the next


Pulling KP is bad enough, but at sea? And the whole trip? They did you wrong, Phillip.

I was on that same trip.  I missed kp by 1 man.  There was a line of us.  Whoever was picking people out pointed and said, "you, you, you...pots and pans.  you, you, you....dining room orderly.  you, you, you....clipper room.  If there had been more kp jobs, I would have been next.  Thanked my lucky stars for that.  Those guys pulled kp the whole trip.  For the rest of the trip, if they sent a whole bunch of guys anywhere, I made sure to detour on the way. 

Here's a couple of pics from the Gen. Rose

Ship doesn't look very level with the horizon, Frank. Not the calmest seas I've ever seen either.

I do have a few "Livelier" shots    there were a few days that we were not allowed to go topsides, and some that they had safety ropes strung.  the smoothest part of the trip was actually in the English Channel. This was after all, mid February crossing the Atlantic.





This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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