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Matt Hall
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M-60A2 I think...
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What was the purpose of putting a Sheridan cannon on an M-60 hull. Seems to me you got the worst of both worlds...a slow vehicle whose missile components would fall off the turret wall.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ed Gibson Apr 20, 2014.


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What unit(s) did you serve in with the 2d Cavalry?
B Troop
Where were you stationed?
The Rock
What MOS or job description did you have?
What was your rank/title?
E-1 to E-5
What years were you assigned to the 2nd Cavalry?
Tell us a little about you now.
Worked as a sheet metal mechanic, machine shop, and wood worker from ETS in 80 until about 1988, went to school got a history degree and then a law degree from Univ. Houston Law in 1994, private practice criminal defense until 2009 when I switched side and became a prosecutor for the county.
Phone number (Optional).
Name a few buddies you served with that you would like to find.
Just a list of guys I remember
Mike Szot, Tim Tharp(heard he has passed), John "Wayne" Holly B trp CO, Lt "pencil neck" Becker( I think), Lt "Richie Rich", (real name unknown) "Opie", Jeff Cannon, Clinton, Mike Batts (I could be wrong about the last name but I know it was a B), "Gramps", "Rat" B trp mechanic, Folk (sp) could throw a snowball harder than anyone I ever saw, Herrell (sp) best pool player I ever met up to that time, Weinert, OD'd in the barracks, Kevin Pior an 11C from the 82nd who eventually went SF. Sgt Williams who ran the scout school at camp Gates with Lt "Pencil Neck". "Wild Willy" from Washington State or Oregon. Teeter from Ok,(I heard he has passed) Olette (sp?) Top Decote (sp) Plt Sgt. Diamond. Jack Hancock, The radio mechanic who was the troop loan shark. And although I didn't know him I recognize Sgt Parker from the picture he has posted in this web cite. Sgt Maj "The White Knight" cause he drove a white vette, D Co. 1St Sgt Stursenbach (sp?) everyone said he had served in the Wehrmacht during WWII ( don't know if its true). the best army cooks at camp pitman. Parsons.

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At 12:00pm on October 30, 2014, Eric Leafblad said…

Hey Matt,

I never check in at Dragoon base so I missed your comment.  Who do you prosecute for?  It is cool that we have two from B-Trp.

At 7:00pm on August 26, 2013, jim wright said…

yes I have a photo of you and Montoya from border,  do you have fb

At 3:40pm on August 25, 2013, jim wright said…

hi matt. yes I remember you , was at the scout school, I have a photo of you from there with Montoya , opie has passed  1999 I think.  had some great times there very good people and yes I was the 1st sergents driver. I got out the army in 85. living up here in maine.

At 1:18pm on June 29, 2013, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

The TC in that incident was court-marshaled from what I remember. He violated several safety protocols like not clearing the gun tube and not raising the gun tube. When his track backed out of the firing position and pivoted, a surge in the electrical system caused the main gun to fire. The practice round, at point blank range, sliced through the rear of the hull and entered the turret at the turret ring. The TC was cut in half at the waist, the gunner was hit in the torso killing him instantly, and the loader was injured by shrapnel and survived. The driver not seriously injured "physically" and I have heard that he climbed out and ran down range until someone caught him. The TC from C Troop was not the same afterwards. I remember seeing him and you could tell he was in a mental hell. And well he should have been. Simple rules were not followed and there was no excuse for it. Simply negligence. That is what long hours, stress, and dangerous environments can create. No medals. No victory marches. Hell, I never received one of those border certificates some folks have. I have a plaque for Second High Sheridan Crew and a discharge. Most people don't know just how dangerous our job was or how many hours we spent doing it.. People were injured and killed in the Cav. during the Cold War. We spent more time in the field than anyone but the SF maybe. The Border, REFORGER, Terrain walks, Alerts, Hohenfels, FTXs, and anytime there was trouble anywhere. Still, I would not have changed a thing. We worked hard and we played hard. Rowdy Troopers doing what rowdy Troopers do. That sad incident was tragic, like many other tragic incidents in the Cav, But the job was always much more dangerous than we thought. And the consequences of mistakes were deadly. Our job was to be killers, not police, not peace keepers. Our job was to kill Communists until they killed us. And we would have slaughtered them. There would have been monuments near  that border saying: Here Stood the Heroes of the Second Armored Cavalry, Protecting the Free World From Communism!" God, I wish I coulddo it all over again. 

At 12:05am on June 29, 2013, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

I'm sure that is the same Lt. Becker. He had a VW van and I would ride up to the Rock when I lived off base in Bindlach. He was ok once he got some experience. And yes, I remember the "accident" at Graf 78. I believe it was SSgt Morrows track that had the round in the tube. That was really bad. Morrow was charged for it but I don't remember what eventually happened to him. The memories are fading now but I am proud to say I served in a top notch Unit and some great Troopers. I wish I could go back and do it again. Gettin' old ain't for the faint of heart.

At 12:03am on June 28, 2013, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

Hey Matt! I was next door in C Troop during your time. Did you know Mark Hall in C Troop He was on my track for a while and then became the armorer. There was a Lt.Becker in C Troop also. He was a Cadet in late 75 or early 76 then returned as my Plt. leader.  Good to have you here.

At 11:57am on June 19, 2013, Mike Howard said…

Yes they did. their apartment was above a pretty good guest house. almost home away from home. Sometimes the radial steps were un-navigable so I would occsionaly stay downstairs for the evening

At 3:31am on June 10, 2013, Mark L. DeRuyter said…

mderuyter@rochester.rr.com all lower case should work


At 3:19am on June 10, 2013, Mark L. DeRuyter said…

a few mor J.D. Kent, Danny C. Barden(sp) work in the arms room with me. Now if anyone knows Kevin T. Pior that would be a wonderful. Sgt Szot called me and I called back but asleep already but be sure I got his wife Barbara and we are now set. PJ Parker went to Reg ops along with Booker. You should remember them coming down to mess with us.



At 11:10pm on June 8, 2013, Paul J. Parker said…


Got a call from Mark Deruyter this evening saying you'd found this site.  I remember your name, but I don't think we ever truly "knew" each other.  Glad to hear Mike Szot is still around, I went to see him and Barb in Leesville LA  when he was stationed at  Ft Polk sometime in the early 80's, I guess.  I got out in '80 and just left the Army behind, I guess I'd just had enough.







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