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At 10:28pm on July 13, 2021, Dennis K. Hansen said…

Rest in peace brother.

At 10:10pm on January 31, 2018, Shannon Ryan said…

Happy birthday Mike I hope you are doing well, enjoy your day.

At 1:15pm on January 6, 2018, Harry Warner said…

Mike, card received.  Many thanks! Happy New Year!!

At 2:50pm on February 5, 2016, Dennis K. Hansen said…

oops!!  my bad,,I meant "message"  you'd be on your own for a "Massage"   !!!  my bad..

At 2:47pm on February 5, 2016, Dennis K. Hansen said…

 Michael I left you an massage for what you asked me to do!!!  but I'll leave my # here as well..1-641-423-8254

take care "Toujours Pret"

At 12:07pm on February 5, 2016, Harry Warner said…
Got it! Mucho gracias! Hope you're feeling better. Gotta kick butt!! :)
At 2:45pm on January 31, 2016, Frank L Moseley said…

Michael me lad,

thought you were on my friends list here..not yet anyway.

Address is:    

Frank L Moseley

4110 W Bay View Ave

Tampa, FL  33611

This is where I hang my Stetson...for now, at least.

At 11:42am on April 1, 2015, Thomas Blaszkiewicz said…

Mike ,I sent you an e-mail. Thanks.

At 2:58pm on January 31, 2015, Shannon Ryan said…

Happy birthday Michael, have a great day and enjoy.

At 5:28pm on March 20, 2014, harold goldstein said…

Hey Michael, I pray all is well with you.  I worry things aren't going well with my family jewels.  So far the Urologist has been positive.  There was a problem with blood in the urine and had to go through a cystoscope. Horrible feeling.  Anyway, GOD be with you.


At 8:27pm on February 3, 2014, R C Johnson said…

Mike, I hope your health is improving, it does seem that our whole social lives consist of going to the doctor, and pharmacy.  I love that picture in your living room of the old ship, and the model of the old ship over your fireplace.  What got you interested in ships, especially the old ones?  I love that kind of stuff, but I spent a lot of years in the open ocean.  I knew the first minute I got in the blue water, that was where I was supposed to be.

At 3:42pm on January 21, 2014, harold goldstein said…

Hey Mike,  I pray you're all right.  It's not easy aging. We come up with illnesses that I never heard before. February I have appointments with 5 different DRS. + the VA 3 times.

When the kids ask what did I do today, I tell them which DR. I am going to.

I hope that it is all taken care of what you are going thru.

Toujour Pret, my friend

At 3:04pm on November 14, 2013, Frank L Moseley said…


Got the LBA Card in the mail a day or two ago. Thank you very much.

Toujours Pret

At 1:54pm on October 15, 2013, Dennis K. Hansen said…

did I understand your post correctly ?Michael,if I did Its Happy Anniversary to you and Kathy...that's great   44 is cool...

At 4:53pm on June 17, 2013, Harry Warner said…
At 10:19am on April 12, 2013, harold goldstein said…

Michael, My friend Norm Freeberg lived on Quenton and E2nd  he wd be 74 now.  He ran away to hollywood with Harvie Kietel and David Smokler.  My GF lived ave S and E7th.  When I was O'seas she went with Harvey Kietel.  That's another story.  My friend Louie was a cop in the 70 and got his gold shield.  Raised Ave X and E 11th.  He lived in Staten Island later.  What HS did u go to.  I grad Lincoln '56


At 4:05pm on April 10, 2013, harold goldstein said…

Should I address you as Michael or mike, I have been referring to you as Mike.  Please let me know.


At 9:46am on April 10, 2013, harold goldstein said…

here in sunny delray beach fl.

Harold Goldstein

13558 Morocca Lake Lane

Delray Beach, FL 33446

Thank you.

At 10:04am on April 9, 2013, harold goldstein said…

They are great pictures Mike.  I will see if I can find more from Nuremburg.

There was a period of about 8 weeks we stayed in graf to direct the battalions

doing their combat training.    We ran out of food, fuel, low batteries, and had to eat cold c-rations (hot dogs with the jelled fat around them).  The Battalions did now want any part of us because we were not part of their outfit. Finally a helicopter came in and some general chewed them out good and the 2nd battalion gave us food and fuel and it was the first time I ate SOS in the rain with water running down my poncho into the food tray.  It was good

At 3:29pm on April 8, 2013, harold goldstein said…


No pics of Holmes, but remember him well .... also remember Arthur and 
the Sgts .

Capt. Dryer was our commo Captain ( he lives about 2 miles from me in 
Atlanta) ....  Company Commander in Germany was Capt Black ......  
don't remember any big dogs.  Our Lt. (Commo) was Lt. Henry Debris  , 
he had just gotten a new Mercedes 150  when he and a bunch of other 
lts. had too much to drink at a football game and he ran into the back 
of the Colonels car in the parking lot (actually a field).  They made 
Debris' ship his car home !!






This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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