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At 6:44pm on April 7, 2013, harold goldstein said…

Mike, I left Merrill in March of 59, I am wondering if any of our guy's were still there when you came over?

At 3:13pm on April 5, 2013, Dave Gettman said…

Thanks for the wonderful letter, Mike. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

At 2:29pm on April 2, 2013, John G Boyd said…




TRLR # 188





At 5:44pm on March 8, 2013, Richard A. Stupek said…

I got to Merrell in Oct 61. They banished me to Bindlach in mid 63 after getting in trouble to many times. There were a bunch of great guys that I worked with.

At 6:17pm on March 24, 2012, John G Boyd said…

Mike, Sorry to have missed your call - but I had an errand to run, and while my hip was "quiet" - I wanted to get it done before it wakes up again. Seriously - this pain in my hip has been runnin' my life lately.

Please call back as it is convenient to you.


Tojours Pret, Brother 

At 4:58pm on March 15, 2012, John G Boyd said…

Michael, I am in receipt of your nice letter. Thank you for the gift; I will honor it as a tribute to your many, many years dedicated to public service.

Were it NOT for people like you, all of us would be armoring-up a room or two in our houses and either hoarding guns and ammo, or joining or starting home-grown militias.

The hat you sent is special indeed, it could not fit better had it been madefor me personally.

Again, Thank You.

Take Care and Be Safe - Brother

Tojours Pret 

At 6:22pm on February 18, 2012, John G Boyd said…

ps michael,

I luv yur pics,

'fore long I will have the time to view them all

Thanks for posting them.

Tojours Pret, Brother

At 6:21pm on February 18, 2012, John G Boyd said…

Michael, Please don't kills me, I am astounded sometimes by my own stupidity, how could I NOT have sent my address?

Guilty, as charged, your honor.

It is

John Boyd

1907 Buena Vista SE

Trlr. No. 188

ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87106-4155


And Thank you Michael, for your generousity and patience.

At 11:46am on January 30, 2012, Sigmund Fertig said…

Michael,  May your special Day be blessed with all good things. " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " Trooper, TOUJOURS PRET !!

At 10:36pm on December 20, 2011, Sigmund Fertig said…

Mike, I had an uncle who lived across the street from Prospect Park in Brooklyn in a large apartment building, it had 2 elevators and I remember playing tag in them with my older brother. In 1947 we were visiting at Christmas time and dad had to work so he was coming over later on the train. There was a snow storm and they had cops posted at all the entrances to the park because there was so much snow ( 2 Ft. ) they would not let any one in the park because they didn't want anyone falling in the lake so when my dad came over the next day or so he had to walk around the park to get to my uncles. my mom wraped newspaper around our shoes and legs cause we didn't have any boots but wanted to go play in the snow. I would have been 8 and my brother 10 yrs old>

At 2:26am on December 17, 2011, Dave Gettman said…


Click on this link to get to the Merrill Barracks group on Facebook:


At 9:06pm on December 16, 2011, Shannon Ryan said…

Merry Christmas Michael if you have a extra one I would love one My Home address is Shannon Ryan 1637 Alabama ave. West Sacranmento California 95691 Thank you Michael have a great day ,,,

At 4:47pm on November 16, 2011, Wayne Dixon said…

Greetins Michael.  Did not want to write anyting on Old Timers right now, might say a few things I shouldn't.  I have the book on the way to you, hope you have some good reading on the bio's of some of our members, all entered underage in to the service.  Michael, I think I mispelled Your last , i belive I left out the first o after the u.  Not for sure, sorry.  You and the family have a good holiday season. 

At 8:47pm on August 15, 2011, Dave Gettman said…
Will do, Mike. I've been drinking a lot of beer since I got back, trying to get the taste of New York out of my mouth! For the short time I spent at JFK going both ways, things sure went wrong. Couldn't get out of there fast enough!!
At 6:14pm on July 30, 2011, Wayne Dixon said…
Hello Michael,  in my group of photos of law, In the photo of me with the buckets, that is all money we had collected at our different points in Fort Worth area for the Shriners Hospitals.  I had just come in from a collection run.  I am a shriner have been for 35 years.  I was the photographer for over 25 year the finally made me Photographer Emiritus.
At 9:23am on June 30, 2011, Robert M. Lavoie said…


What you're saying is so true.  I am not an officer but when ever I meet a police officer in any circumstance (and most circumstances are good), I always wish them well and tell him/her to take care of themselves.

My most favorite movie is "In the Heat of the Night".  And, the quote that I will always remember is when Rod Stieger asks Portier what he does to earn does to make $164.98 a week.  And Portier replies, "I'm a police officer!"

That stops Steiger right in his tracks and you can see he has to come to the realization that they are "brothers".  He doesn't like it though.  But at the end of the movie, Rod Steiger tells Portier, "You take care of yourself now, ya hear."

.Man this is a great story and unless one is stupid of blind, the story is not just about prejudice but teaches what it is like to be a police officer.  Another thing in the movie is that neither of them was married.  Like you say about your wife sticking with you - not an easy job on both ends.

All my respect and I'm glad you are retired,


Bob Lavoie

At 9:28am on June 29, 2011, Robert M. Lavoie said…


Went back to your page hoping to see a picture of Kathy.  What a lucky guy you are - she is one beautiful woman.  And what a beautiful family - God has blessed you!

At 10:34am on June 9, 2011, Sigmund Fertig said…
Thats crazy, a rightly placed bullet would have solved the problem and there would have been 1 less perp to contend with!
At 3:36pm on May 13, 2011, Sigmund Fertig said…
Had a guy heat a can of beans on an M-59 Pc manifold but didn't vent the can, guess what! He cleaned beans off the inside of that M-59 and my radio ANGRC/19 for a week!!
At 7:57pm on April 13, 2011, Les Masters said…
I was i contacted by Don Zizic about two years ago just before Christmas. He was living in Hendersonville North Carolina. Coincidently my son in laws parents lived in Hendersonville and we were going to be there for Christmas.  I called two days before we were going to leave for North Carolina and his wife told me he had passed away while diving in the Cayman Islands. I went by and met his wife and son.  very sad. My e mail addres is lesmasters2@yahoo.com




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