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At 3:03pm on August 24, 2020, George Crump (Chief) said…

Hi Lt. Chief here check out my page you will see a large collection of photos from the rock.from 1972-78 and from my visit in 2008. - and no never had nothing to do with the M-8 scout car, wish I would have.   Dragoon for life Chief.

At 12:19pm on September 17, 2018, Jack A. Miller said…

Jim, My apølogies for not anwsering earlier, I lost my password for my page. Just found it, Iam doing okay for a 75 year old I guess; I had lens put in both my eyes end of April this year and for the first time in 35 years I can read without glasses. Tell the fellow troopers I wish them good health and happiness. Top

At 10:57pm on November 11, 2015, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

Jim, Top Millar lost Trudy a while back. I know you would like know. Top wanted some time for himself I think. I hope you are well.

At 9:52pm on October 30, 2015, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

Thanks Jim. I think I gave him enough trouble that he just might remember me.

At 9:46pm on October 29, 2015, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

Jim, do you remember Lt. Becker? He came to C Troop as a Cadet for a while in '75 and came back as a 2nd Lt maybe a year later. He was my Platoon Leader. Bit of an ass for while but he got over himself. I wonder where he is.

At 10:51am on August 31, 2015, Dave Gettman said…

If you track him down, please pass on my regards or steer him my direction.

At 11:19am on August 29, 2015, Dave Gettman said…


I talked to Andy Stilley about 1999. He found me on Classmates.com and sent me an e-mail. We talked a few times on the computer and then he disappeared, not answering anymore of my messages. We had been talking about the C-15 explosion and I think it really got to him.

He was living in Corpus Christi at the time and informed me that SSG Brow had survived his burn injuries and was living somewhere in Texas, but Andy couldn't locate him. He also told me he had recommended me for the Soldier's Medal but it had been denied for lack of witnesses.

At 9:42pm on August 27, 2015, Edward (Gene) Beck said…

Hey Jim. I'm just checkin' on you. You haven't posted in a couple of years. I hope you are OK.

At 2:36am on February 16, 2013, Jack A. Miller said…

Jim, You asked about the weather here, just came in from shoveling snow and enjoying my cappuccino and a Pall Mall. The winter is slowly going away, at least I hope it is. Turned 70 in January and a little exercise with ths snow shovel doesn't hurt. Waiting for the ice to melt so I can break out the fishing gear. Take care, Top

At 9:37pm on February 15, 2013, Robert Bruce MacDougall said…

Hi Brother.

We always enjoyed our bachelors. :)

Shawn is in Phoenix. He and Barb are still working as teachers; hopefully he can retire one of these days. He sent us a photo recently of his most recent golden puppy who is much better looking than Shawn. We also saw John and Jane Swarts in Kentucky 2 Summers ago.They both remain characters.Mary saw Big Dog Grazier in Denver last year and he is doing well.

Well, gotta run for now. I work as a skiing Mountain Ambassador on Saturdays so I need to get my sleep; last Saturday I gave a mountain tour to a former Olympian from the 1952 Olympics! Very cool guy.


At 4:19am on February 15, 2013, Jack A. Miller said…

Jim, Of course you are my friend; good to hear from you. Top

At 1:50am on February 15, 2013, Robert Bruce MacDougall said…

Hi Jim.

It haaaaaaas been a long time. Trust you are doing well. Mary and I are in Steamboat Springs, Colorado doing a lot of skiing, hiking, cycling, 'Airstreaming', playing guitar, etc. Mary is in touch with Shawn Tierney and we saw Pat Becker in Santa Fe a few years ago. What have you been up to?

At 4:18pm on June 8, 2011, Dave Gettman said…
Just got an e-mail from Tom the other day....he won't be making the trip because of business conflicts. Guess I'll have to catch him at one of the reunions.
At 12:05pm on June 5, 2011, Dave Gettman said…

Hey Jim,

Tom Molino is trying to get the old troop together for a raid on Pakistan and wants to know if you are "good to go". I told him you were "Toujours Pret!".

Just kidding. I'll be having a beer with Tom in Germany this July. Hope all is well with you.


At 6:39pm on February 28, 2011, rick reames said…
Jim, I can't tell you how surprised I was when I joined Dragoon Base and I saw my name on your "find' list! It was as about as big of a shock as that time during a Hohenfels.During some free time in assembly area you and I wrestled under a tarp set up as a tent.After we got tired and went to our corners I had a retroactive heart attack thinking about the fact that I had "laid hands on an officer".I am looking forward to chatting with you!                                 (Sgt.) Rick "Reamo" Reames
At 3:42pm on February 11, 2010, Lawrence L. Kissel said…
LT Mitchell, Ah yes thought I can't remember any outstanding stories on you I do remeber You. Seems to me you got there just a little before I left in 76. Stil is good to hear from you.
At 7:43pm on December 28, 2009, James Cain said…
I do still remember you as well as a very few others. I reviewed your pics. One of them as listed as "unknown trooper2". Just wanted you to know that I was the one in the picture, Sgt Cain. Good to see that you are still around.
At 11:14pm on December 2, 2009, Douglas E. Nash said…
Hey Jim - welcome! Glad to see you've joined up!
Doug Nash
At 3:26pm on November 30, 2009, gerald david said…
Amazing that Wagner was still there. Yep,remember Gene Boesch. Thanks for the update. I'm gonna keep looking for Lyon.
At 12:38pm on November 29, 2009, gerald david said…
Thanks for getting back to me Jim. Hope you got in a least a few rounds of golf in FL.

I had 1st plt when I first arrived and after about 4 months, CPT Bob Wagner, CO, moved me to 3rd plt with SFC Nichols. As I said, I left in May 73, but thought Lyon was still there when I left. I look at the troop photo from 75 and the only ones I remember are Skipper and Keys (he was commo as I recall). BTW, really enjoyed your photos--gotta try to scan some of those old B&W photos I took. Do you ever hear anything from Ford Droegemuellar? Thanks again, Gerald




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