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At 7:38am on August 23, 2011, Bill Barry said…

Yes I do.  Just can't place a face to you Dusty.  Those were some great years on the Rock.  We had a great bunch of NCO's and acting SGT's there who made the officers look smart. It wa a great time to be a troop commander!  There are quite a few guys from those days on here; guess those days made a mark on lots of us.



At 5:33pm on February 16, 2011, Raymond Gonzalez said…

    Lawrence, if you go to my page, you will find a picture of Sgt Lee and the germand shepherd dog we had. That is the only picture I have of him. I took several pictures of Harry Harriman and others, but they are either lost or in my ex/wife's garage. She passed away 12 years ago so I have to wait till her widow husband lets me in there. You might remember Danny Counter, he was a guitar player and loved to sing. I have pictures of him on my page.

   If you have some photos, load em up. We might remember some of those faces. There were a lot of guys there that left some memories, some good and some not so good, but it was part of the times.

   Ray g.

At 1:48pm on February 16, 2011, Raymond Gonzalez said…

   Lawrence, do you remember Sgt Lee?  I think that was his name. Another Sgt by the name of Mulligan? I think he had been busted down to PFC because of his drinking. I'm trying to remember names, faces are there, the names are fading fast.

   In Mexico, Ray g.  I was with A troop on the Communications track with Harry Hariman.. We were rotating from the OP outside of Wieden when Private Wolfe was killed in an auto accident. The Lt with him suffered a broken are or collar bone, remember that?

   Ray g. 

At 6:59pm on February 2, 2011, rick reames said…
Thanks for the warm welcome.It is very appreciated. Rick"Reamo"Reames
At 12:36pm on January 5, 2011, Jack A. Miller said…
Lawerence, B Trooper's would not not recognize there old Barracks or Christensen Barracks anymore. It's hard for me to go up there and drive down Dragoon Drive, I look for Troop Guidons outside the buildings, formations, vehicles (soft & hard). Sadly I leave post. Top Miller
At 11:53pm on January 3, 2011, Tommy Ray Goolsby Jr said…

i was in d troop. i retired in 2008 as a E-9 CSM


At 2:20pm on November 30, 2010, Jesse Kelley said…
Wishing you many more, from all of us at DragoonBase!!!
At 3:54pm on November 24, 2010, donald junior miller said…
I was in HQtroop we never had to go to the border any i flew up their once and awhile to work on the fuel trucks i remember all the alerts we had on thoes cold nights
At 8:19pm on November 20, 2010, donald junior miller said…
I was in HQ troop we never had to go to the border but i went and worked on the fuel trucks on the border about 1 time a month spent alot of nights in the em. club while i was on post use to like to go to nurmburg to
and miss the beer fest alot iam in Providence KY. were are u
At 7:04pm on November 6, 2010, steven benes said…
lawrence stanley snow thanks for wellcome me back it feels like i never left its always good to be with people you depend on and have so much in comman with toujours pret
At 3:24pm on October 24, 2010, Robert Morton said…
Lawrence, I was in How Battery from 1971-73 and B Troop from 1974-77.

Toujours Pret
At 10:29am on July 3, 2010, Michael Wayne Roberts said…
Hi Lawrence, just looking over some of 1000 + names on dragoonbase and noticed you were there about the same time period that I was, alway's looking and hoping to find someone that was there when i was.....I spent several tours on the border out of camp pittman, I was assigned to the S-2 section in headquarters troop, You may remember SFG wheaton, or SFG Murphy, Murphy came to the S-2 section from one of the line troops, seem's like it was C troop, but I may be wrong, anyhow I got to the ROCK in November of 1968 and rotated from there in June of 1970, I'm now 61 years old, will be 62 in October of this year, I just recently had open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve which was leaking, I have been out of the hospital about a week and seem to be doing really well, Thanks to God and all the fine Doctors, nurses, etc, etc. anyhow drop me a line sometime I would enjoy talking to you...Mike Roberts my e-mail address is mroberts47167@yahoo.com
At 11:04pm on June 8, 2010, Jon O. Weiss said…
Yep, beat me there by a couple of years. You must have been there in the heyday of the M551's, I came in a couple of months before the upgrade from them to the M60A1 (RISE) and left about the time the M1s and M3s came in.
At 10:16pm on May 20, 2010, James T. Turner said…

Thanks for the welcome! It's good to link up with comrades-in-arms, though I served in the Regiment ten years after you did, I think. Toujour Pret!
At 8:29pm on April 28, 2010, Mike Kultgen said…
Hi Dusty, yes we should remember each other, one would think. When I got to B Troop in Dec 71, I recall the armorer was a Spec 5 named Barreno. Check out the pics on my page if you get the chance, they might bring back some names. Mike
At 9:55pm on April 27, 2010, Mike Kultgen said…
Welcome, to one former B Trooper from another former B Trooper. Mike
At 2:30pm on April 27, 2010, Jesse Kelley said…
Toujours Pret Lawrence,

Welcome home Troop.
The DragoonBase here at Ning.com, has
plenty of updated features
(similar to MySpace), lots of sub-groups,
(Officers Club,F-Trp,Amberg,Medics,etc),
and links for “2nd Cavalry Assn.”
News and History Centers.

Robb Russell has posted some tips for
navigating the site(ie,photos,links,ect)
in the Forum.

Please feel free to stop by and read the
latest “Tacoma Dave's ‘Triva Quiz’”,
you can learn some 2nd Cav history,
and you could even, win a kool prize.

If you need any help, you may contact
Robb Russell, or any of the 5 admins listed
at the top of the page, or just yell out,
another member may be able to help you.

And our only wish is to,
‘Keep it clean’.
Use your real name and picture,
(pix from back in the day,work best
for searching for Brothers),
but any picture will do.

And that you please tell all your friends
about, where to find the DragoonBase.

Thanks again for joining Dragoon Base,
and for your Service and Dedication,
to Our Great Country.

Jesse Kelley
F Troop 2/2ACR




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